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Joe Messerli's Editorials

100 Ways to Cut Government Spending New
Brainstorms a number of ideas for cutting the cost of government and reducing the deficit.
Why Do Increased Tax Rates Lower Total Revenues? New
Examines the logic of why total government revenues decrease in response to a hike in tax rates.
100 Taxes and Fees New
List of one hundred taxes and fees you directly or indirectly pay to the government.
20+ Ways to Lower National Health Care Costs New
Brainstorms a number of ideas for bringing the overall national health care expenditures under control.
Do You Know What Taxes You're Paying?
Spells out the hidden and unhidden ways the government robs citizens of their hard-earned money.
The Media's "How-To" Guide for Manipulating the Truth
Discusses several methods the media uses regularly to manipulate public opinion rather than present objective information.
A Compromise Solution to the Gay Marriage Debate
Describes a practical way to meet both sides in the middle.
A 20-Point Plan for Fixing America
Discusses a number of ways to combat the top problems facing our nation (terrorism, deficits, jobs, environment, etc.).
Why Polls Shouldn't Be Used to Make Decisions
Describes the weaknesses of polls in the political decision-making process.
A New Frivolous Lawsuit Statute
Talks about a new way to curb the skyrocketing cost of health insurance and other problems caused by a flawed legal system.
The Solution to Fighting Extremism: Choose the Middle
Describes how the country has descended into uncritical, extremist, black-white thinking and how we can begin to solve the problem.

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Op-ed pieces from another newspaper on the beltway.
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Opinion-editorial pieces from the New York newspaper (some material requires free registration).
Washington Post
Op-ed pieces from the famous Woodward and Bernstein newspaper.
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