Should the U.S. Build a Fence Across the Entire Border with Mexico to Slow Illegal Immigration?

In a Nutshell



  1. With a skyrocketing national debt and annual deficits, the country can't sustain the drag on our economy and the entitlement cost increases that follow illegal immigration.
  2. We are a nation of laws; we can't choose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore.
  3. Amnesty and other proposed fixes to the current illegal immigration problem can't even be considered until the border fence is in place, since a change in laws for a scheduled date could trigger a massive inflow of illegals like no other in history.
  4. A country that built a transcontinental railroad and put a man on the moon shouldn't have a problem building a simple fence, especially with billions of dollars of government "stimulus" funds available.
  5. It would cut off vehicle transport of illegals, forcing those who want to enter the country to pursue legal channels or cover potentially hundreds of miles on foot and overcome other difficult obstacles.
  6. It would create thousands of construction jobs while the fence is being built.
  7. In addition to discouraging or stopping much of illegal immigration, it would increase the number of apprehensions of illegal immigrants.
  8. It would help contain the illegal drug trade pouring into the country from Mexico and help keep the bloody drug wars outside the United States.
  9. The wall would provide additional protection from terrorist entry into the country.
  1. The materials and labor cost necessary to build the border fence are something we can't afford right now.
  2. It damages the international view of the U.S., giving a propaganda weapon to our enemies, who may compare the fence to the Berlin Wall.
  3. A fence covering that long of a border will take a very long time to build and may not be very effective.
  4. The fence would disrupt the environment and wild life, as it may potentially cross rivers, sanctuaries, preservations, parks, etc.
  5. The costs and risks to humans crossing the border, including elderly and children, will dramatically increase.
  6. It might strain relations between Mexico and the United States.
  7. Because of the increased costs and risks of crossing, illegal immigrants that previously pursued seasonal work and then returned home may have to bring their families and live permanently in the country.

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